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Simplifying Electrical Safety

Everything you need to keep your workers safe from arc flash and shock hazard.


Leaf Electrical Safety offers a full suite of electrical safety services for commercial and industrial clients.

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Online Electrical Safety Simulator

Our "Electrical Safety Simulator" is an engaging and fun way to learn about electrical safety. Students can get emerged in a scenario-based online learning experience to learn about arc flash & shock.

Electrical Safety & Arc Flash Training

Whether you need a basic hazard awareness course or an in-depth qualified electrical worker training our training team will find the right course for you.

  • Learn proven techniques to reduce the risk of arc flash and electric shock incidents from occurring at your workplace.
  • See how to properly select, inspect and use the correct PPE, tools & equipment.
  • Apply the knowledge you and your team gains to make the entire working experience safer and more productive. 
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Arc Flash Studies & Equipment Labelling

Make sure all your employees can quickly identify the arc flash and shock hazards on your electrical equipment with our easy to read labels.

Have our experts complete an in depth arc flash analysis complete with report, labels, and recommendations for system improvements.

Electrical Safety Programs

Clarity and simplicity. This is what everyone wants in a safety program and this is what we can help you with. Let us guide you along your journey to electrical safety excellence.

Your program is not so much about following standards and regulations as it is about inspiring workers to play it safe. People need to remember that it's their lives that are at stake, it's not the company or the government who are responsible, it's every individual who steps in front of a live panel or motor control center. 


Electrical Maintenance Programs

Understanding your electrical maintenance priorities can be a challenge. Our experienced engineers can analyse your system, and give you a plan that supports both safety and reliability.

We do this by a proven 3 step process:

  • evaluate your equipment;
  • analyse your historical data; then
  • build your custom maintenance program.
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"Always on point,

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geared to the particular audience." 

- Tom Coughlan, Marque Construction Limited

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