Assess your arc flash hazards.


Apply your warning labels.


Know you’ve improved your workers safety.


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Victor Brine, Assistant Manager, NSHA


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Our Portfolio


J.D. Irving Sawmills Division

Partnered with the sawmills division corporate office to assess each of the plants and perform arc flash studies where necessary.

Atlantic Provinces & Maine USA


One Wind Services Inc

Assessed the arc flash potential of a group windmills to help with their electrical safety program.

Halifax, Nova Scotia


RMWB - Fort McMurray

Arc flash assessment and electrical safety program design for RMWB waste water management facilities.

Fort McMurray, Alberta



Completed an assessment of their arc flash model to ensure compatibility with the latest version of the IEEE 1584 standard.

Rocanville, Saskatchewan


Powin Energy

Determined the arc flash rating for their Stack 140 battery system.

Oregon, USA


Why Choose Leaf?


Leaf Electrical Safety was founded by two electrical engineers with a passion for safety. Understanding both the technical side of arc flash as well as the practical implementation of good health and safety practices is what sets Leaf Electrical Safety apart.

Using the latest arc flash software package, your Arc Flash Labels and Report will be easy to understand and something you will feel comfortable having your employees use on an everyday basis.

We will guide you through the process to ensure everyone who faces electrical hazards at your workplace knows how to identify the arc flash levels and choose the correct PPE.



What Sets Leaf Apart?


1. Professional Label Installation

We’ll make sure your arc flash labels get installed correctly, on the right equipment and the right locations.

2. Simplified Reporting

Our reports are succinct and well organized. You can quickly access the information you need to make your workplace safer.

3. Updated Single Line Diagrams

Accurate single line drawings are a cornerstone of electrical safety. We make sure every electrician has access to professionally drawn set of single line diagrams.

4. Protection Coordination Study

To help reduce arc flash levels and nuisance trips our engineers will look at your protection coordination and provide recommendations for improvement at no extra cost.

5. Arc Flash Model Support

We understand the challenges of running an operation let alone managing your electrical system changes. Once we’ve completed your arc flash study, we will help you keep it up to date for 5 years.


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