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Leaf is where serious organizations turn to for arc flash and shock hazard advice, training, & engineering solutions.

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Jon Travis, P. Eng., PMP
Co-founder and CEO


Our Team & Contributors


Jon Travis, P. Eng., PMP

Armed with his knowledge in electrical safety and understanding of cultural change he co-founded Leaf Electrical Safety, with the goal of helping as many people as possible understand and avoid electrical hazards in their workplace.

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Yevgen Yevsyeyev, P. Eng.

Co-founder and business development lead. Yevgen has a vision of inspiring millions of electricians, engineers, and technologists to work safer and help bring workplace incidents to zero.

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Dmitry Leonov, EIT

With a strong foundation in electrical engineering, in particular, arc flash incident energy calculations, coordination studies and short-circuit calculations Dmitry is able to guide Leaf Electrical Safety's engineering team to success.


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Dusten Huebner

Dusten has a passion for teaching electrical workers everything they need to know about the trade... a perfect fit for Leaf. Dusten has been working in the trades since he finished high school and has the hands-on experience needed to help spread Leaf’s message.

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Barry Fraser

With more than 40 years of experience in electrical construction, inspection, and maintenance procedures Barry brings depth and a ton of knowledge to the team at Leaf. He is driven, sincere and passionate about Electrical Safety for workers and sharing his knowledge and experience with others to create an electrical culture free of any incidents or injuries.

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Sam Pherwani. P. Eng., CESCP

An experienced instructor and consulting engineer with over 15 years working in industry Sam has a passion for impacting the minds of electrical workers. His goal is inspiring electrical workers to take ownership of their safety and leave his training courses with the knowledge and motivation to improve safety at their workplace.


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Kristina Kriukova

Content development, curation, and distribution expert. Kristina helps spread Leaf’s message through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Joe Patch IV

Developing business in new markets and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Joe brings years of experience in business, consulting and engineering to the team at Leaf Electrical Safety.