Familiarity is a double edge sword when it comes to safety.

Going into a new situation might be a bit overwhelming so there are things you are not going to see because you are paying attention to so many other things. On the other hand, after you’ve been there for a while you might miss things that a fresh set of eyes would easily pick up on.

Make sure you give everyone a fair chance and never assume you are doing things the right way!


Key Take-Away

Qualified Worker - this is one of the most heavily debated terms in all of electrical safety but it really comes down to three things… knowledge, experience, and training (both operational & safety-related training).

To truly be qualified to do anything you need to have all three things.

Imagine you were going to fly an airplane, you read some books (knowledge), took a course (training) but you haven’t been inside the cockpit in your life… would you say you were qualified to fly a plane? Certainly not…

And working with electricity is no different. You’re not a qualified worker until you have all of these aspects.


Resources required for this scenario


Closed book

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Downloadable Content

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Energized work permit

Form to be completed prior to initiating energized work.



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