Qualified Electrical Worker

3 Day Course (Includes High Voltage)
Built specifically for maintenance and industrial electrical workers who are looking for more advanced and in-depth training to become a qualified electrical worker.


Arc Flash Training

1 Day Course
Covers everything you need to know about the hazards of arc flash and shock. This course is designed for an electrician to be able to properly identify a hazard and know exactly how to deal with it.


Electrical Hazard Awareness

1/2 Day Course
Everyone in your organization needs some level of electrical safety training. This course was designed for non-electrical workers to learn the basics of arc flash and shock hazard and some things they can do to avoid them.


How we keep the class engaged...



Workers who are exposed to arc flash and shock hazards want to know 3 things. How could this happen to me? What would be the consequences? And what can I do to prevent it? That's it plain and simple. We only teach what the end user wants to know.


Everyone loves a good story and that's exactly what you get with Leaf's training courses. Stories that relate to your unique situation, that touch the heart, and that really drive home the key concepts with regards to electrical safety.


Why people love it...



Very often people leave raving reviews about our beautiful presentation and captivating slides. We had our presentation professionally designed to increase knowledge transfer and user engagement.


Every great course comes with a great trainer. Our trainers understand how to read a room, engage with the audience and make sure everyone get's the most out of the experience as possible.


What our courses cover

  • What is electric shock & what effects can it on the body?

  • What is an arc flash, how can it happen, and what could happen to me if exposed to one?

  • Reviewing the jobs at real work sites that expose workers to these hazards (identifying hazards)

  • What are we going to do about it (Understanding where our policies come from... standards & regulations)?

  • Employer responsibilities vs employee responsibilities

  • Authorization levels and defining a qualified worker.

  • The most effective risk assessment procedures for shock and arc flash

  • Other strategies for controlling the hazards

  • The steps in establishing an electrically safe work condition

  • Proper inspection, use and maintenance of specific personal protective equipment.

  • The keys to properly using specific tools and equipment.

  • The steps to properly complete an electrical job briefing.

  • Defining energized work and when to use an energized work permit.

  • Emergency response for electrical incidents.

  • Reviewing case studies.


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