3 things electricians have wrong about arc flash

The more training I do and the more people I talk to about electrical safety the more I'm amazed at the amount of misinformation there is about arc flash. Chances are if you are an electrician you might be making these very same assumptions that I see all too often and if you don't correct them right away you could be in for a big surprise.

Make sure you remember these 3 things and share them with everyone you know who works in the trade. These aren't mistakes that can be taken lightly.

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How circuit breaker maintenance impacts arc flash

One thing people take for granted is the incident energy levels posted on the arc flash labels in their facilities. Once the study is complete most people never give it another thought and just assume that the numbers are correct. I'm not saying you need to go around second guessing the engineer who did the calculations, but what I am saying is that over time these numbers are in jeopardy if the equipment is not maintained in a satisfactory manner.

Without the proper maintenance being done on the equipment incident energy levels can go from relatively low to extremely high and there would be no way to tell until it was too late.

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Why you need Arc Flash Labels

If you are responsible for a group of electricians working at an industrial facility, then you have probably considered getting arc flash labels put on the electrical equipment. You’ve called a few of the local engineering firms to gather quotes and get a feel for what it’s going to take (and more importantly what it’s going to cost) to have the labels put on… and that’s where you’ve stopped. Wow, arc flash labels cost a lot! Especially if you have a big facility.

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