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How Scenario-Based Learning Engages Electrical Workers


Electricians must feel that the training they are taking will be useful to them in their day-to-day jobs and will help them to become better at what they do.

Leaf Electrical Safety uses these building blocks to ensure learners stay engaged throughout the entire arc flash training:

  • Learners experience the consequences of their mistakes instead of spelling it out;

  • Scenarios activate the learner’s emotions through storytelling.

  • Utilizes built-in gamification to make it more fun; and

  • Digital roleplaying brings the scenarios to life;



Focus on “Actions” Rather Than “Learning Objectives”


We’ve designed our training around real-world actions that happen in every industry that uses electricity rather than knowledge. 

If the information can be derived from a job aid, then we’ve given them a job aid (maybe a page from the electrical safety program or a table from the standards).

The actions we are focused on are:

  • How to properly identify shock and arc flash hazards (reading labels & signage);

  • Deciding what personal protective equipment is appropriate for a particular task;

  • How to respond to an incident;

  • How to properly set up a job for working on energized equipment;

  • Deciding the best method to mitigate the risks (hierarchy of controls);

  • Knowing how and when to use the recommendations from the electrical safety standards;

  • Using a single line to determine proper isolation points;

  • Knowing how to properly select a voltage detector; and

  • Understanding the importance of maintaining electrical tools and equipment.

Everything else will come in the form of a job aid presented to the user when they actually need it.



Here's How Our Training Saves Time...
Which Saves You Money


Let's face the facts.

You know you need to provide your workforce with arc flash and electrical safety training. You probably know that there is a number of ways to get the proper certification.

But there's a problem.

The problem is most arc flash and electrical safety training takes a lot of time to complete. A lot of time that your organization just can't give up. Whether it's because of operational concerns, competing schedules, or 24-7 coverage, time is just not on your side.

You want to ensure that your workforce has the proper knowledge but it's difficult to get all of your workers together at the same time to present a course to them.

Well, this is how the electrical safety simulator can help solve the "time issue":

  • Scenarios cut to the core knowledge areas and are targeted for the different users (electrical workers are faced with electrical issues… non-electrical just get the basics)

  • The more knowledgeable you are, the faster you'll complete the training (no sense teaching things you already know).

  • Scenarios are focused on decision making... we don't waste time teaching information you can look up.

  • Training doesn’t need to be completed in one sitting (Set the training aside and pick it up again when you have a moment);



Here’s What Our Clients Had to Say About It…


“A great job at conveying the seriousness of electrical safety.”

Dan Farrell, Ultra Electronics


“Very informative and relevant information for a production environment.”

Mark Atkinson, Emmerson Packaging


“Would recommend! Up-to-date information and graphics.

Lorrain Hall, DSM Nutritional Products



Proven Ways that Scenario-Based Learning Improves Retention


Science has shown that the best way to learn something is by practising it (the learning by doing concept).

It is only by practising the things we do and experience that we can internalize and recall the content and skills we learn.

These methods of learning are proven to increase retention and apply to electrical safety and arc flash training as well:

  • Uses the concept of “failing forward” (people learn from their mistakes… online learning should be no different);

  • Scenario-based learning promotes critical thinking by providing the electrician with a context to apply knowledge and make decisions;

  • Repeat scenarios as many times as needed… practice makes perfect;

  • Learn at your own pace;

  • Bite-size lessons that are easy to digest;

  • The most important learning objectives are repeated to ensure practice… but from different angles and different situations.



What’s the Cost if the Arc Flash Training Isn’t Effective?


What's the potential cost if the training doesn’t work?


Is it really that important? You bet it is. The type of training you choose will make all the difference in the success or failure of properly executing your electrical safety program implementation.

Here’s how most company’s execution goes.

1.       Someone plans out the electrical safety program carefully.

2.       They contract an outside contractor to deliver generic training that delivers the information in a formal, academic style.

3.       And then they wait to see their company’s safety culture miraculously evolve.

Guess what happens next?

Nothing, that’s what.

Most training programs are quickly forgotten. Everything goes back to the status quo.



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