Assess your arc flash hazards.


Apply your warning labels.


Know you’ve improved your workers safety.


“Timely and efficient… your
staff made this project easy for us”

Victor Brine, Assistant Manager, NSHA



Not sure if you need an arc flash study?

Do your workers perform any of these tasks?
Testing and troubleshooting
Removing covers from electrical equipment
Changing fuses
Operating disconnects
Racking circuit breakers
Commissioning new equipment

If so… you need an arc flash study done on your equipment.


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Our Portfolio


J.D. Irving Sawmills Division

Partnered with the sawmills division corporate office to assess each of the plants and perform arc flash studies where necessary.

Atlantic Provinces & Maine USA


One Wind Services Inc

Assessed the arc flash potential of a group windmills to help with their electrical safety program.

Halifax, Nova Scotia


RMWB - Fort McMurray

Arc flash assessment and electrical safety program design for RMWB waste water management facilities.

Fort McMurray, Alberta



Completed an assessment of their arc flash model to ensure compatibility with the latest version of the IEEE 1584 standard.

Rocanville, Saskatchewan


Powin Energy

Determined the arc flash rating for their Stack 140 battery system.

Oregon, USA

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