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    Play the part of an industrial electrician 
    as you navigate your way through
    the electrical hazards of an industrial workplace. 

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    Story based

    Immerse yourself in the life of an electrician faced with many challenges throughout the day.


    You make the decisions. Choose wisely because the consequences are life threatening!


    Put your knowledge to the test. Earn your certificate, we’re not just going to hand it to you.

    Once we launch the course, the price goes up forever.

    Additional Features

    Real life examples

    Each of the scenarios come from real life examples you could find at any workplace.

    Multiple paths

    There is more than one way to skin a cat. Each scenario has different ways to solve the problems to maximize learner experience.

    Deadly hazards

    Just as in the real world, one small mistake can be fatal. It’s no different in the online training so be careful!

    Get 25% off our online training course before it’s too late!